ineltron distributes integrated semiconductors of the following manufacturers:


POWERSEM The supplier from Schwabach extended its production line from diode and thyristor modules up to medium power IGBTs (30 to 100 A). Interesting for customers is also the very good price-performance ratio of the rectifier modules.

The well known semiconductor supplier from Japan introduced early the MOS technology in the arena of high power semiconductors. IGBTs offer the design of very cost effective solutions in many motor control and welding applications.
The power section gets support from darlington transistor and intelligent power modules, which bring the gate drive circuit and protection circuits with them.

INELTRON distributes only active power electronic devices of Mitsubishi.

POWEREX Before POWEREX INC. and MITSUBISHI joined in the US-market, POWEREX provided the market with its own modules. If you are looking for "PRX..." parts, we would like to invite you to send us your inquiry.
ISAHAYA IDC Isahaya Electronics Corp. located in Isahaya / Japan develops and manufactures hybrid ICs for driving IGBTs. Hybrid means, that analogue and digital elements are integrated in one device. Isahaya offers also DC-DC converters as integrated circuits and complete power units on PCB.

Ineltron is contract distributor of Mitsubishi (power semiconductors), Powerex, Powersem, InPower, eldre (now Mersen)
and Isahaya Electronics.
. Heat sinks, assembly components and capacitors complete our product range for the power electronic sector.

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