MITSUBISHI presents the SLIMDIP-W mini-IPM - reduced switching losses & noise for white goods up to 15A/ 400V.

 ISAHAYA presents their plug and play driver board for PrimePACK IGBTs type VLA593-11R

 MITSUBISHI with last time buy lists for year 2018 - last order possibility is Nov 2018.

 Product change notice: minor change in ISAHAYA's M57962 product family (change of substrate).

 Coming up: MITSUBISHI's new 7th generation IGBT modules (overview, June 2015).

 See here the planned MITSUBISHI SiC Module Lineup (rev.: Oktober 2014).

 MITSUBISHI announces a new last time buy list - last order possibility is November 2014 (PDN P-14-03).

 MITSUBISHI promotes in Europe the newest DIP-IPM series of 6th generation: Series PSSxxx .

 MITSUBISHI announces a last time buy list - last order possibility is April 2014.

 ISAHAYA announces production end of M57161L-01R gate driver for Mitsubishi's F-series trench IGBTs.

 POWEREX new product bulletin: 2nd generation welding diodes type RAXMGC (RAXMGC0412XX).

 MITSUBISHI announces a second list of last time buy parts Last order possibility is October 2013.

 POWEREX shifts the production of their SCR and diode POW-R-BLOKs to Morocco.

 MITSUBISHI stops the production of S-series IPM (HSA series) and other parts.

 ISAHAYA presents new gate driver ICs: VLA546-01R and VLA551-01R and VLA551K-01R

 POWEREX changes the standard delivery content of the big diode and thyristor modules (ND and LD types).

 MITSUBISHI introduces the first version of the 3-level-inverter loss simulation (computer program).

 POWEREX announces last time buy opportunity for R610 and R611 glass sealed stud diodes.

 LEM presents the new DVL voltage transducers series.

 MITSUBISHI announces the second EOL (end of life) product group with last time buy in November 2012.

 ISAHAYA presents the compact gate drive board VLA553 for Mitsubishi new MPD modules.

 Powerex launches the second generation of  SiC MOSFET modules.

 Power loss simulation program for MITSUBISHI  IGBT modules available. (Last Update Feb. 2014).


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