May 2012: Gate driver for 1800 and 2500A Mega-Power-Dual of IDC Isahaya

 ISAHAYA Electronics Corporation (IDC Isahaya) presents right before PCIM 2012 a new driver board named VLA553
 perfectly adopted to Mitsubishi's newMPD (new MegaPowerDual) module:

drive unit VLA553-01R / -02R ->
easy assembly on new MPD modules

 conversion table:

 CM2500DY-24S -> drive unit VLA553-01R
 CM1800DY-34S -> drive unit VLA553-02R

 Features of VLA553-01R and VLA553-02R:

- built in short circuit protection with soft shut down
- built in collector clamp circuit
- built in isolated DC-DC converter for the gate, Viso = 4000V [for 1 minute]
- peak output +/- 24A
- CMOS compatible input interface
- RoHS compliant
- directly attachable on Mitsubishi's CM1800DY-34S and CM2500DY-24S new MPD.

Read more: difference between the two high power drive ICs VLA539 and VLA552

More technical data, price and availability information on request. Your inquiry by email will be welcome any time.


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