October 2012: Powerex announces production stop of glass sealed diodes

 POWEREX is hit by the discontinuation of a supplier, who used to make the glass-to-metal seals of the small
 diode elements used in R510/R511, B610/B611 and R610/R611 stud diodes.
 So this lines are going EOL, last order possibility is the first of December, 2012.

 Most of the parts may be replaced by ceramic sealed equivalent types, as shown here:

  B610 / B611 discontinued part
R610/R611 discontinued part
suggested replacement
(ceramic seal, parts have slightly different dimensions)
  B6100330XXYA R6100330XXYZ R6000330XXYA
  B6100430XXYA R6100430XXYZ R6000430XXYA
  B6100430XXYZ R6100430XXYB R6000430XXYZ
  B6100630XXEY   Contact Powerex
  B6100630XXYA R6100630XXYZ R6000630XXYA
  B6100630XXYZ R6100630XXYB R6000630XXYZ
  B6100830XXYA R6100830XXYZ R6000830XXYA
  B6110330XXYZ R6110330XXYB R6010330XXYZ
  B6110430XXYA R6110430XXYZ R6010430XXYA
  B6110630XXEY   Contact Powerex
  B6110630XXYA R6110630XXYZ R6010630XXYA
  B6110630XXYZ R6110630XXYB R6010630XXYZ
  B6110830XXYA R6110830XXYZ R6010830XXYA

 But please note, that the outline of the R610/R611 diodes differ slightly from the dimension used in R600 / R601  diodes.  

Additional information of Powerex about this discontinuation you will find here.

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