February 2013: production shift to Tangiers / Morocco

 PCN 2013-001

 POWEREX relocates the production of their POW-R-BLOK® modules to the new plant in Tangiers/Morocco. The production of the module series ND-, LD-, LS-, PA-, PD- and PS starts in Tangiers from May onwards. The change is for the assembling process only, the wavers come from the parent plant in Youngwood as before.

 POWEREX takes advantage of the new production capabilities, which arise from the complete new factory in Tangiers.  Customers may not fear any loss in quality, the new manufacturing site is ISO9001 certified and uses the exactly same  processes as the factory in Youngwood did before.

 Customers may distinguish the new modules by the type plate: The new Moroccan modules will have a "MA" in the type  plate behind the PRX abbreviation, as well as a leading "M" for any lot code.


 Here is a list of types affected by this product change notice:

AC SWITCH SCR MODULE PA430607 PA430807 PA431007 PA431207 PA431407 PA431607 PA431807 PA432006 PA432206 PA432406 PA433005 PA433205 PA433405 PA433605 PA433805 PA434005

DUAL DIODE MODULE PD410611 PD410811 PD411011 PD411211 PD411411 PD411611 PD411811 PD412011 PD412211 PD412411 PD413610 PD414010

SCR/DIODE MODULE PD420607 PD420807 PD421007 PD421207 PD421407 PD421607 PD421807 PD422006 PD422206 PD422406

DUAL SCR MODULE PD430607 PD430807 PD431007 PD431207 PD431407 PD431607 PD431807 PD432006 PD432206 PD432406

DIODE/SCR MODULE PD470607 PD470807 PD471007 PD471207 PD471407 PD471607 PD471807 PD472006 PD472206 PD472406

SINGLE DIODE MODULE PS410625 PS410825 PS411025 PS411225 PS411425 PS411625 PS411825 PS412025 PS412225 PS412425 PS413620 PS413820 PS414020 PS414514 PS415014

SINGLE SCR MODULE PS431215 PS431415 PS431615 PS431815 PS432015 PS432215 PS432415


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