Power module simulation software MELCOSIM

 Update: March 2019      (This news was first released in May 2004


 Melcosim is an average-loss calculation program for Mitsubishi IGBT modules and IPMs in any inverter circuit.
 It is  compatible with Windows 98SE, 2000, XP and Vista. MELCOSIM has to be installed locally on your computer.

 We recommend to use this simulation program during the design in phase to find out, which modules match your  demands best.
 Please note, that Mitsubishi alters MELCOSIM frequently. Newer versions will be released from time to time.  To make  sure, that the version on your computer stays up to date, all downloadable versions will expire after a while.

  Update March 2019:

 download Version 5.4.2 here  (19MB)
(this program version expires in March 2020)  

 After unzipping the program, please read the readme.txt-file carefully. Microsoft .NET 3.5 or higher needed for  installation.

 Also the manual is available as a separate pdf file. It is english, but you will need to install japanese fonts on your  computer to  read it. As the program has a  help section, you normally will not need the manual.

 To get always the newest version, you can also refer directly to the Mitsububishi download site:
 http://www.mitsubishielectric.com  -> Power Modules -> Simulation Soft   (registration needed).

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