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diode modules

3 diodes

2 diodes

isolated base, series PSYD+PSXD
non-isolated base, series PSWD+PSVD

(from 36 to 320 A, 800-1800 V)

fast epitaxial diode modules

fast recovery epitaxial diodes (FREDs) for output rectifiers in switch mode, power-supplies or as protective/freewheeling diodes PSMD, PSND
(36-320 A, 800-1800 V)

thyristor/diode modules

  series PSKH, 27-320 A, 800-1800 V

thyristor modules

3 thyristors, isolated base

3 thyristors, non-isolated base

2 thyristors

series PSXT + PSYT: 50-160 A, 800-1600 V

series PSVT + PSWT: 32-160 A, 800-1600 V

series PSKT: 18-320 A, 800-1800 V

single phase rectifier bridges


bridges with standard diodes, B2U
half controlled bridges, B2HK
half controlled bridges, B2HZ
half controlled bridges+freewheeling diode, B2HKF
full controlled rectifier bridges, B2C
full controlled + freewheeling diode, B2CF


series PSB: 21-165 A, 800-1800 V
series PSBH: 25-53 A, 800-1600 V
series PSBZ: 25-53 A, 800-1600 V
series PSCH: 25-53 A, 800-1600 V

series PSBT: 25-53 A, 800-1600 V
series PSCT: 25-53 A, 800-1600 V

3-phase rectifier bridges

bridge with standard diodes, B6U

half controlled bridges, B6HK

half controlled + freewheeling diode

full controlled bridges, B6C

full controlled bridges + freewheeling diode, B6CF

series PSD: 25-248 A, 800-1800 V

series PSDH: 25-70 A, 600-1600 V

series PSFH: 70 A, 800-1600 V

series PSDT: 25-70 A, 800-1600 V

series PSFT: 70 A, 800-1600 V

AC-controller module

series PSUH (diode/thyristor)
series PSUT (thyristor/thyristor)
both series 18-44 A, 800-1600 V
       How to order:   
PS BH 41 / 18
    Device type
        Circuit configuration
               Current rating
                      Voltage code=Vrm/100

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Integrated semiconductors






       gate driver boards
       ShengYe capacitors

    discrete components

       standard thyristors
       fast switching thyristors
       standard diodes
       fast switching diodes


























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