You are looking for POWER-SEMICONDUCTORS like diodes, thyristors or power-modules?

 Please address your inquiry to us. We also deliver heatsinks, clamps, and all accessories  needed for your electronic power-assembly.


 Our service

 Originary starting with the mounting of assemblies in 1985, INELTRON has grown to a  distributor for all parts in the power semiconductor business:

From power-rectifiers  and  standard- / fast switching thyristors
Up to highly integrated "intelligent" power modules, IGBTs and drivers,
Heatsinks for air- and fluidcooling, clamps


Ineltron is contract distributor of Mitsubishi (power semiconductors), Powerex, Powersem, InPower, eldre (now Mersen) and Isahaya Electronics.. Heat sinks, assembly components and capacitors complete our product range for power electronics.

INELTRON GmbH, Hugenottenstr. 30, 61381 Friedrichsdorf, Germany
phone:  + 49 6172 59 88 09     fax:  +49 6172 75933     E-Mail:



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    discrete components

       ShengYe capacitors        standard thyristors
       fast switching thyristors
       standard diodes
       fast switching diodes