August 2013: product bulletin Powerex 2nd generation welding diodes


welder diode type RAXMGC

POWEREX launched the second generation of the very flat disc type diodes for welding applications up to 1 kHz operation frequency, specially designed for arc welding purposes. Industrial standard are voltage ratings of 200 and 400 Volts, current values between 5000 and 12000 Amperes.

The RAXMGC diode series is the new Powerex standard solution for covering these houseless welder diodes. The standard type RAMGC0412XX covers a surge current of 12kA, 400V. In the second generation Powerex offers the lowest voltage drop in its class compared to competition. Powerex employed a design improvement at silicon level to achieve the enhanced electrical performance in this diode. The non-repetitive surge current test results shows a 25 % higher surge current capability compared to the existing 10kA design. The forward voltage drop was enhanced by 20% compared to existing design at rated current of 12kA, 175°C.




Datasheet of RAXMGC0412XX

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