Feb 2013: production end of HSA-series and some other Mitsubishi parts

 MITSUBISHI will stop the production of the high power S-series IPMs (intelligent power modules)
 in 2013. Last  time  buy opportunity for the following parts is middle of May 2013.

 We would like to beg all our customers to check up their future need of the modules listed below
 as fast as possible and place their order by May 18th 2013 latest.

 List of discontinuation PDN-P-13-01:

FD602AV-88             RM10TA-2H           
FD602AV-88 310    RM10TA-2H 201 
FD602BV-90             RM10TA-24           
FD602BV-90 310    RM100DZ-H           
FG3300AH-50DA          RM100DZ-2H          
FG3300AH-50DA 001    RM100DZ-24          
FG3300AH-50DA 003    RM100D2Z-50         
FG3300AH-50DA 006    RM15TA-H            
FG3300AH-50DA 008    RM15TA-H 204 
FG3300AH-50DA 011    RM15TA-M            
FG3300AH-50DA 012    RM15TA-2H           
FG3300AH-50DA 013    RM15TA-2H 201 
FG3300AH-50DA 014    RM150DZ-2H          
FG3300AH-50DA 015    RM20TA-2H           
FG3300AH-50DA 016    RM20TPM-H           
FG3300AH-50DA 017    RM20TPM-2H          
FG3300AH-50DA 220    RM250DZ-2H          
FG3300AH-50DA 221    RM250DZ-24          
FG3300AH-50DA 222    RM30CZ-24           
FG3300AH-50DA 223    RM30DZ-H            
FG3300AH-50DA 224    RM30TA-H            
FG3300AH-50DA 225    RM30TA-M            
FG3300AH-50DA 226    RM30TB-H            
FG3300AH-50DA   300D   RM30TC-2H           
FG3300AH-50DA 701    RM30TPM-H           
FG3300AH-50DA 702    RM50TC-H            
FT502AH-80             RM50TC-2H           
FT502AH-80 201    RM50TC-24           
FT502AH-80 211    RM500DZ-H           
FT502AH-80 212    RM500DZ-2H          
FT502AH-80      300D   RM500HA-H           
FT502AH-80 310    RM500UZ-H           
PM400HSA120 302    RM60CZ-H            
PM600HSA120 302    RM60CZ-2H           
PM800HSA060            RM60DZ-M            
PM800HSA120 302    RM60DZ-2H           
PM800HSA120-3          RM60SZ-6S           
CM100-12-S003          RM75TC-H 201 
CM100-12-S004          RM75TC-2H           
CM100-12-S005          RM75TC-2H 201 
CM100-24-S004          RM75TPM-H           
CM100-24-S005          TM10T3B-H           
CM100-24-S006          TM130DZ-2H          
CM100-24-S007          TM130DZ-24          
CM100-24-S008          TM130DZ-24 201 
CM100DY-12H 208    TM130PZ-24          
CM1000-24-S003         TM130PZ-24 201 
CM1000-34-S002         TM15T3A-H           
CM1000-34-S004         TM20RA-H            
CM1000-34-S005         TM200PZ-24          
CM1400-24-S004         TM25DZ-H            
CM15TF-24H 201    TM25DZ-M            
CM150-12-S003          TM25DZ-24           
CM150-12-S006          TM25EZ-H            
CM150-24-S021          TM400DZ-H           
CM150-24-S022          TM400HA-H           
CM150-34-S001          TM400PZ-H           
CM150-34-S002          TM400PZ-2H          
CM150DY-12H 202    TM400PZ-24          
CM1800-34-S003         TM400UZ-H           
CM200-12-S008          TM400UZ-2H          
CM200-12-S014          TM55DZ-H            
CM200-24-S009          TM55DZ-2H           
CM200-24-S012          TM55DZ-24           
CM200-24-S013          TM90DZ-M            
CM200-34-S002          TM90DZ-2H           
CM200-34-S003          TM90DZ-24           
CM200DY-12H 202    TM90DZ-24 201 
CM200DY-24H 215    TM90RZ-H            
CM300-12-S004          TM90RZ-24           
CM300-12-S009          PS219A2             
CM300-24-S008          PS219A2 500 
CM300-24-S011          PS219A3-A           
CM300-34-S002          PS219A3-A 500 
CM300DY-12H 203    PS219A3-AET         
CM300DY-12H 212    PS219A3-AET 500 
CM400-12-S003          PS219A3-AT          
CM400-12-S004          PS219A3-AT 500 
CM400-12-S006          PS219A3-CE          
CM400-12-S008          PS219A3-CE 500 
CM400-12-S009          PS219A3-E           
CM400-12-S010          PS219A3-E 500 
CM400-12-S011          PS219A3-ES          
CM400-24-S009          PS219A3-ES 500 
CM400-24-S013          PS219A3-ET          
CM400-24-S014          PS219A3-ET 500 
CM400-24-S015          PS219A3-ETW         
CM400-34-S003          PS219A3-ETW 500 
CM400HA-24H 216    PS219A3-RW          
CM450-24-S004          PS219A3-RW 500 
CM450-24-S006          PS219A3-T           
CM450-24-S007          PS219A3-T 500 
CM450-24-S008          PS219A3-TW          
CM450-24-S009          PS219A3-TW 500 
CM450-24-S014          PS219A3-W           
CM450-34-S001          PS219A3-W 500 
CM50-24-S006           PS219A4-A           
CM600-24-S011          PS219A4-A 500 
CM600-24-S012          PS219A4-AT          
CM600-24-S014          PS219A4-AT 500 
CM600-24-S015          PS219A4-C           
CM600-24-S016          PS219A4-C 500 
CM600HA-12H 203    PS219A4-T           
CM75-12-S005           PS219A4-T 500 
CM75-24-S003           PS219A4-TW          
CM75-34-S001           PS219A4-TW 500 
CM75-34-S002           PS219A4-W           
CM75DY-12H 203    PS219A4-W 500 
CM75DY-28H             PS21962-TW          
CM75TF-24H 202    PS21962-TW 500 
RM10TA-H               PS21962-4A          
RM10TA-M               PS21962-4A 500 


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