August 2012: Mitsubishi announces also end of V-series IPMs

 MITSUBISHI will stop the production of all remaining S-series and old V-series IPMs (intelligent power modules)
 in June 2013. Last  time  buy opportunity for this second EOL product group of this year is middle of November 2012.

 We would like to beg all our customers to check up their future need of the modules listed below
 as fast as possible and place their order by middle of November latest.

 List of discontinuation PDN-P-12-02:

Part Number going EOL recommended replacement
CR252AP-12      001                      
CR252AP-12      300D                     
CR252AP-12      310D                     
FG4000CX-90DA   002                      
FG4000CX-90DA   005                      
FG4000CX-90DA   010                      
FG4000CX-90DA   012                      
FG4000CX-90DA   016                      
FG4000CX-90DA   018                      
FG4000CX-90DA   019                      
FG4000CX-90DA   020                      
FG4000CX-90DA   021                      
FG4000CX-90DA   022                      
FG4000CX-90DA   023                      
FG4000CX-90DA   024                      
FG4000CX-90DA   201                      
FG4000CX-90DA   221                      
FG4000CX-90DA   222                      
FG4000CX-90DA   230                      
FG4000CX-90DA   701                      
FT1500GV-80     001                      
FT1500GV-80     300D                     
FT2500CL-12     001                      
FT2500CL-16     001                      
FT2500CL-20     001                      
FT2500CL-20     224                      
FT2500CL-24     300D                     
FT2500CL-24     505                      
FT2500CL-4      001                      
FT2500CL-4      222                      
FT2500CL-4      505                      
FT2500CL-6      001                      
FT2500CL-6      220                      
FT2500CL-6      221                      
FT2500CL-6      222                      
FT2500CL-6      223                      
FT2500CL-6      301                      
FT2500CL-8      001                      
FT2500CL-8      222                      
PM100CVA060     001G PM100CL1A060    350G
PM100CVA060     201G PM100CL1A060    350G
PM100CVA060     300G PM100CL1A060    350G
PM100CVA120     201G PM100CL1A120    350G
PM100CVA120     202G PM100CL1A120    350G
PM100CVA120     300G PM100CL1A120    350G
PM100CVA120-2   201G PM100CL1A120    350G
PM100CVA120-2   202G PM100CL1A120    350G
PM100CVA120-2   300G PM100CL1A120    350G
PM10CNA060      300A PS219B3-S           
PM10CNA060-12   300A PS219B3-S           
PM10CNJ060      300A PS219B3-S           
PM10CSJ060      201A PS219B3-S           
PM10CSJ060      300A PS219B3-S           
PM10CSJ060      300G PS219B3-S           
PM10CZF120      201A PS22A73             
PM10CZF120      203A PS22A73             
PM10CZF120      300A PS22A73             
PM10CZF120-7    300A PS22A73             
PM10RSH120      201A PS22A73             
PM10RSH120      300A PS22A73             
PM10RSH120-10   300A PS22A73             
PM150BVA060     300G                     
PM150CVA060     201G PM150CL1A060    350G
PM150CVA060     300G PM150CL1A060    350G
PM150CVA120     201G PM150CL1A120    350G
PM150CVA120     202G PM150CL1A120    350G
PM150CVA120     300G PM150CL1A120    350G
PM150CVA120-15  202G PM150CL1A120    350G
PM150CVA120-15  300G PM150CL1A120    350G
PM150CVA120-2   201G PM150CL1A120    350G
PM150CVA120-2   202G PM150CL1A120    350G
PM150CVA120-2   300G PM150CL1A120    350G
PM150DSA120-2   202S                     
PM15CKF120      201A PS22A74             
PM15CNA060      300A PS219B4-S           
PM15CNA060-12   300A PS219B4-S           
PM15CNJ060      300A PS219B4-S           
PM15CSJ060      201A PS219B4-S           
PM15CSJ060      300A PS219B4-S           
PM15CSJ060      300G PS219B4-S           
PM15CTM060      300A PS219B4-S           
PM15CTM060-3    300A PS219B4-S           
PM15CTM060-36   300A PS219B4-S           
PM15CTM060-37   300A PS219B4-S           
PM15CTM060-6    300A PS219B4-S           
PM15CZF120      201A PS22A74             
PM15CZF120      203A PS22A74             
PM15CZF120      300A PS22A74             
PM15CZF120-7    300A PS22A74             
PM15RSF060      300A PS219B4-S           
PM15RSF060      300G PS219B4-S           
PM15RSH120      201A PS22A74             
PM15RSH120      300A PS22A74             
PM15RSH120-10   300A PS22A74             
PM200CVA060     201G PM200CL1A060    350G
PM200CVA060     300G PM200CL1A060    350G
PM20CNA060      300A PS21965-4           
PM20CNJ060      300A PS21965-4           
PM20CSJ060      201A PS21965-4           
PM20CSJ060      300A PS21965-4           
PM20CSJ060      300G PS21965-4           
PM20CSJ060      301A PS21965-4           
PM20CTM060      300A PS21965-4           
PM20CTM060-10   300A PS21965-4           
PM20CTM060-3    300A PS21965-4           
PM20CTM060-36   300A PS21965-4           
PM20CTM060-37   300A PS21965-4           
PM20CTM060-39   300A PS21965-4           
PM20CTM060-39A  300A PS21965-4           
PM20CTM060-6    300A PS21965-4           
PM20CVL060-32   300A PS21965-4           
PM20CVL060-32L  300A PS21965-4           
PM20CVL060-33   300A PS21965-4           
PM20CVL060-33L  300A PS21965-4           
PM300CVA060     201G PM300CL1A060    350G
PM300CVA060     202G PM300CL1A060    350G
PM300CVA060     203G PM300CL1A060    350G
PM300CVA060     300G PM300CL1A060    350G
PM30CNA060      300A PS21997-4           
PM30CNJ060      300A PS21997-4           
PM30CSJ060      201A PS21997-4           
PM30CSJ060      300A PS21997-4           
PM30CSJ060      300G PS21997-4           
PM30CSJ060-13   300A PS21997-4           
PM30CTJ060      300A PS21997-4           
PM30CTJ060-3    300A PS21997-4           
PM30CTJ060-3    300G PS21997-4           
PM30CTJ060-36   202A PS21997-4           
PM30CTJ060-36   300A PS21997-4           
PM30CTJ060-38   300A PS21997-4           
PM30CTJ060-38L  300A PS21997-4           
PM30CTJ060-9    300A PS21997-4           
PM30CVL060      300A PS21997-4           
PM30RNC060      300A PS21997-4           
PM30RSF060      201A PS21997-4           
PM30RSF060      300A PS21997-4           
PM30RSF060      300G PS21997-4           
PM50CTJ060-3    300A PS21A79             
PM50CTJ060-3    300G PS21A79             
PM50CTJ060-36   203A PS21A79             
PM50CTJ060-36   300A PS21A79             
PM50RVA120      201G PM50RL1A120     350G
PM50RVA120      300G PM50RL1A120     350G
PM50RVA120-2    201G PM50RL1A120     350G
PM50RVA120-2    202G PM50RL1A120     350G
PM50RVA120-2    300G PM50RL1A120     350G
PM50RVD120      300G PM50RL1A120     350G
PM5CTM060       300A PS219B2-S           
PM5CTM060-11    300A PS219B2-S           
PM600DVA060-17  202G PM600DV1A060    300G
PM600DVA060-17  300G PM600DV1A060    300G
PM75BWA060      202G PM75B5LA060     300G
PM75BWA060      203G PM75B5LA060     300G
PM75BWA060      300G PM75B5LA060     300G
PM75CVA120      201G PM75CL1A120     350G
PM75CVA120      300G PM75CL1A120     350G
PM75CVA120-2    201G PM75CL1A120     350G
PM75CVA120-2    202G PM75CL1A120     350G
PM75CVA120-2    300G PM75CL1A120     350G
PM75RVA060      201G PM75RL1A060     350G
PM75RVA060      300G PM75RL1A060     350G
CM50B3U-24F     300G                     
QM5HL-24        300G                     
RM25HG-24S      202                      
RM25HG-24S      202G                     
RM25HG-24S      300G                     
RM35HG-34S      202                      
RM35HG-34S      202G                     
RM35HG-34S      300G                     
RM50HG-12S      202                      
RM50HG-12S      202G                     
RM50HG-12S      300G                     
PS21765         500D PS21765             
PS21767         500D PS21767             
PS21767-J       KTH                      
PS21961-4A           PS219B2-AS          
PS21961-4A      500  PS219B2-AS          
PS21961-4W           PS219B2-CS          
PS21961-4W      500  PS219B2-CS          
PS21961-CT           PS219B2-CST         
PS21961-ST           PS219B2-ST          
PS21961-T            PS219B2-ST          
PS21961-TW           PS219B2-CST         
PS21962-4W           PS219B2-CS          
PS21962-4W      500  PS219B2-CS          
PS21962-CT           PS219B2-CST         
PS21962-ST           PS219B2-ST          
PS21962-ST      500  PS219B2-ST          
PS21962-T            PS219B2-ST          
PS21962-T       500  PS219B2-ST          
PS21963-CET2         PS219B3-CST         
PS21963-CET2    500  PS219B3-CST         
PS21963-CT           PS219B3-CST         
PS21963-ET           PS219B3-ST          
PS21963-ETW          PS219B3-CST         
PS21963-ETW     500  PS219B3-CST         
PS21963-T            PS219B3-ST          
PS21963-TW           PS219B3-CST         
PS21963-TW      500  PS219B3-CST         
PS21964-4SW          PS219B4-CS          
PS21964-T            PS219B4-ST          
PS21993-4A           PS219B3-AS          
PS21993-4AE          PS219B3-AS          
PS21993-4C           PS219B3-CS          
PS21993-4CE          PS219B3-CS          
PS21993-4E           PS219B3-S           
PS21993-4EW          PS219B3-CS          
PS21993-4W           PS219B3-CS          
PS21993-6CE          PS219B3-CS          
PS21993-6EW          PS219B3-CS          
PS21993-6W           PS219B3-CS          
PS21993-AET          PS219B3-AST         
PS21993-AT           PS219B3-AST         
PS21993-CET          PS219B3-CST         
PS21993-CT           PS219B3-CST         
PS21993-ET           PS219B3-ST          
PS21993-ETW          PS219B3-CST         
PS21993-T            PS219B3-ST          
PS21993-TW           PS219B3-CST         
PS21994-4A           PS219B4-AS          
PS21994-4C           PS219B4-CS          
PS21994-4W           PS219B4-CS          
PS21994-6W           PS219B4-CS          
PS21994-AT           PS219B4-AST         
PS21994-CT           PS219B4-CST         
PS21994-T            PS219B4-ST          
PS21994-TW           PS219B4-CST         
PS21997-4C      500                      
PS21997-FUL     NDT                      
PS21997-T       500                      
PS21997-TW      500                      
PS219A2-R            PS219B2-CS          
PS219A2-R       500  PS219B2-CS          
PS219A3-CET2         PS219B3-CST         
PS219A3-CT2          PS219B3-CST         
PS219A3-ENST         PS219B3-ST          
PS219A3-ENST    500  PS219B3-ST          
PS219A3-L            PS219B3-S           
PS219A3-LS           PS219B3-S           
PS219A3-LS      500  PS219B3-S           
PS219A3-NST          PS219B3-ST          
PS219A3-NST     500  PS219B3-ST          
PS219A3-R            PS219B3-CS          
PS219A3-R       500  PS219B3-CS          
PS219A3-STX          PS219B3-ST          
PS219A3-STX     500  PS219B3-ST          
PS219A4-AR           PS219B4-AS          
PS219A4-AR      500  PS219B4-AS          
PS219A4-CT2          PS219B4-CST         
PS219A4-LS           PS219B4-S           
PS219A4-LT           PS219B4-ST          
PS219A4-R            PS219B4-CS          
PS219A4-R       500  PS219B4-CS          
PS22A79-L            PS22A79             
PS22A79-L       NDT                      
PS81B93-2EW          PS219B3-CS          
PS81B93-2EW     NDT                      
PS81B93-2W      NDT                      
PS81B93-6A           PS219B3-AS          
PS81B93-6EW          PS219B3-CS          
PS81B93-6EW     NDT                      
PS81B94-2W      NDT                      
PS81B95-2W           PS219B4-CS          
PS81B95-2W      NDT  PS219B4-CS          
PS81B95-6A           PS219B4-AS          
PS81B95-6W           PS219B4-CS          

Please note, that the recommended parts are mostly NOT fully equivalent. Therefore we will contact our customers for the above mentioned modules particularly.


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