September 2012: LEM launches the DVL transducer family

 LEM has developed a new voltage transducer family named DVL series. These transducers will replace the actual  voltage sensors named AV series in the long run. Until further notice, both series will be produced in parallel.

 The DVL sensors allow measurements from 50 Volts to 2000 V[rms], aiming at traction and industrial purposes. Main  benefits for the customer:

 - improved accuracy grace to LEM's patented "insulated digital technology", and better temperature stability
 - 30 % less consumption comperaed to the actual AV series
 - high isolation
 - 30 % less weight
 - insensitive to magnetic fields
 - almost immune to electromagnetic disturbances
 - current outputs: +/- 50 mA or 4-200mA
 - 100 % compatible in performance and footprint with LV 100 and AV 100
 - flexibility in primary and secondary connection

 In traction applications, the manufacturer LEM guarantees the proper function for the temperature range of -40 to +85°C
 Traction standard EN 50155 fully approved.

 Downloadlinks for more information:
     DVL presentation   - .ppt, 2MB
     DVL series planned lineup - .pdf, 0.8MB
     typical datasheet (DVL 2000) - 1MB

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