February 2013: Isahaya presents new gate driver ICs: VLA546 and VLA551


 ISAHAYA presents three brand new gate driver integrated circuits. Basing on the proven technology of M57962 series  the new hybrid drivers named VLA546-01R, VLA551-01R and VLA551K-01R are availbale from now onwards. They  are designed for all inverter and AC servo drive applications.

 Datasheet VLA546-01R    (for IGBTs 600A @ 600V and 400A @ 1200-1700V, Viso = 4000V)

 Datasheet VLA551-01R    (for IGBTs 600A @ 600V and 450A @ 1200, Viso = 2500V)

 Datasheet VLA551K-01R  (for IGBTs 600A @ 600V and 450A @ 1200-1700V, Viso = 4000V)

 For design and development Isahaya  Electronics helps with the following comparison table
 Comparison between VLA546-01R, M57962CL-01R and M57962K-01R

 Price and availability on request.

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