Sept. 2018: Isahaya driver board VLA593-11R with active clamping


 ISAHAYA announces, that the new driver board VLA593-11R is in mass production now. The integrated gate drive unit was already presented at the PCIM 2018. VLA593-01R is designed for all IGBT modules in PrimePACK™ housing up to 1800A / 1700V.

.VLA593-11R - ISAHAYA's  driver unit for PrimePACK modules

The board is basing on ISAHAYA's Dual Inline Package Gate Amplifier Module (DIP-GAM) type VLA591-01R offering huge power reserves of +/-20A peak current for triggering per gate. Built in is the isolated DC-DC conversion for driving the gates, isolation voltage is 4000Vrms. The board protects the IGBT from short circuit (with soft shut down) and includes also a collector clamp circuit (active clamping). Targeted IGBTs for the VLA593-11R board are all 1700V and 1200V PrimePACKs.

Further information: VLA593-11R plug and play datasheet

VLA593-11R board with VLA591-01R driver core


ISAHAYA encourages all customers to build up their own drive unit boards, adopted to their own technical ond mechanical requirements. This is easy to resolve by using their integrated drive and DC-DC circuits. The dual driver VLA591-01R is a powerful and highly integrated hybrid-IC, which ISAHAYA names dual inline package gate amplifier module (DIP-GAM). Of course we offer it also without the driver board. Please find the specifications here:

VLA591-01R DIP-GAM integrated circuit datasheet


*PrimePACK is a registred trade mark of Infineon AG

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