January 2013: Screws and hardware in Powerex modules

 POWEREX adopts the industry standard practice and will not include the terminal hardware any more as an accessory  item automaticly included to the delivery of ND, NS, LD and LS modules.
 Reason is, that many customers indicated to use their own hardware, so that Powerex wants to avoid to supply  unwanted standard hardware .
 This change will start immediately from January 2013 onwards. Customers who still want the screws and washers to be  added to the delivery, have the opportunuty to order the corresponding sets to the modules at ineltron:


  Powerex module type Hardware kit / set description
  ND_ # 87   (1.00 Euro) 3 x M8x16mm screws, captive lock and flat washers
  NS_ # 86   (1.00 Euro 2 x M8x16mm screws, captive lock and flat washers
  LD_ # 50   (2.00 Euro) 3 x M10x20mm screws and 3 x lock washers
  LS_ # 49   (1.50 Euro) 2 x M10x20mm screws and 2 x lock washers


 Additional information of Powerex about this discontinuation you will find here.

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