March 2012: Powerex launches second generation of  SiC MOSFET modules

 POWEREX Inc. has developed 4 new Silicon Carbide (SiC) modules, which are available from now on:  

part name description base plate
QID1210005 Si IGBT + SiC Schottky diode copper
QID1210006 Si IGBT + SiC Schottky diode AlSiC
QJD1210010 full SIC: SiC Mosfet + SiC diode copper
QJD1210011 full SIC: SiC Mosfet + SiC diode AlSiC

 All four new parts integrate two individual switches per module (independend dual type), and allow up to 100A / 1200V  maximum load in a 17mm low profile housing.

 The QID series parts are split dual hybrid modules. They include 2 standard IGBTs with a very fast CREE "Zero  Recovery®" free-wheel silicon carbide Schottky diode. That combination allows fast switching frequencies:
 Powerex mentions 30 kHz for hard switching applications, and up to 80 kHz in soft switching applications.
 Of course all  components and  interconnects are isolated from the heat sinking baseplate, offering simplified system  assembly and  thermal  management.

 Technologically most challenging are the full silicon carbide SiC MOSFET Modules named QJD1210010 and -11.  With these dual 100 Ampere modules Powerex underlines the technological leadership in the field of high power
 SiC transistor modules. QJD1210010 and QJD1210011 represent already the second generation of Powerex SiC  product family. Each module consists of two MOSFET Silicon Carbide transistors, with each transistor having a  reverse-connected Zero Recovery® free-wheel silicon carbide Schottky diode. The junction temperature of these  silicon carbide chips allow 175°C. The parts offer an improved internal inductance (compared to the first siliconcarbide  transistors named Powerex QJD1210006 and QJD1210007). The new silicon carbide Mosfets convince with industry  leading RDS(on) values, highest speed switching, low capacitance, low drive requirement, and high power density.

All 4 modules allow multiple circuit topologies for the transistors: independent; dual; in parallel; common source and common drain.

Applications: These MOSFET modules can be used in various high frequency applications, including:
• Energy saving power systems, such as fans, pumps and consumer appliances
• High frequency type power systems, such as UPS, high speed motor drives, induction heating, welding and robotics
• High temperature power systems, such as power electronics in electric vehicle and aviation systems.

Please note that QID1210005, QID1210006, QJD1210010 and QJD1210011 should be used for engineering evaluation only. Powerex is presently going through long-term reliability testing of this modules and therefore will only perform static electrical testing as shown on our datasheet. Prices of SiC chips are dropping continuously, but are still high. You should calculate a factor of 50 compared to standard IGBT modules. Datasheets and prices on request.

*Zero Recovery is a registered trademark of Cree, Inc.

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